House of ilashes 

policy page

Service reservations

We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding when it comes to your reserved appointments. Twenty four hours countdown starts from the date and time of your booked service. House of ilashes does not allow exceptions for our policies, as our business cannot cover lost to the business as well as our stylists time. 



There isn't any fees for rescheduling your booked appointment if it is outisde of your twenty four hour window. 



There is a fifty percent charge for last minute cancellations. 


No shows

There is a hundred percent charge for now shows or last minute cancellations. A now show counts when your appointment is due to start.

Unsupervised children, will not be allowed in our store.

In consideration of other guests we ask that cell phones be turned off or on silence when visiting.


At this time we are unable to accommodate new clients that are expectant mothers due to the length of time eyelash extensions take to properly apply.  

Late arrival to your appointment may be denied, a no show charge will be applied.


Training workshops will need a 50% deposit at time of reservation.

Our services and products are none refundable.

All booked appointments must have a valid credit card in place.

We accept visa, mastercard and cash.